Platform Status

Sometimes there are issues with the platform. If you want to see if there are any current outages on the platform check out our platform status page. »

dotCloudStatus Twitter account

If you are on twitter follow our @dotcloudStatus account, which we update when there are issues.

@dotCloudStatus »


If you haven't looked at the documentation yet, you should, there is a lot of it, and it might have the answer to your question. »

dotCloud on

If you have any questions head on over to and post your question, and the experts over there will do their best to solve your problem as quickly as possible. Don't forget to tag your questions with 'dotcloud' so that we can find it.

dotCloud @ »

Support website

If you can't find your answers in the above resources feel free to submit a support ticket. »

Email Support

If you prefer email, you can send us an email to support at »


If you crave a more human touch, cruise on over to the #dotcloud IRC channel on freenode. This is open to anyone, and there is usually a few dotCloud staff members hanging out to answer questions.

IRC: #dotcloud »